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Web Design

Pet Property

A rental property manager start-up focusing on pet friendly rentals.

Built from the ground up, I developed the full branding package and graphical identity for the client, including logo, color scheme, web presence, SEO, Facebook page, and social media plan.

 The website uses a mix of stock photography and client provided content, and is geared towards educating the market and funneling leads. It is setup with an easy CMS for the client to access, manage and expand upon the site, as well as a blog tied into social media accounts.

Denise McEnteer

Denise McEnteer is a Professional Counselor with over 40 years experience and who never had a digital presence.

I worked with Denise to develop her web presence including her Logo, branding, content development, presentation, and website with SEO.

Where Denise's work was previously acquired through word of mouth and professional referrals, now she is successfully tapping into a much larger and more tech savvy market of younger clients, by being visible on the internet, Denise is expanding her reach, her influence, and is now having greater control over her client base and market effect.

I continue to work with Denise on maintaining her website and as a technical adviser for other digital and technology based projects.

Joe Te Wharau

My own website showcasing my creative work as a recognized Maori Artist and Digital Designer.


Designed and built from the ground up, I've created the entire website, all content, graphical elements, icons, photography, user experience, as well as designing the branding and graphical identity that is Te Wharau.


The website incorporates a range of layouts, galleries, e-commerce, online printing shop, and contact forms.

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