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NFC Smart Tiki
~ 2018

NFC Smart Tiki

3D Printed Hei Tiki with digital memory

94 x 45 x 10 mm

Available now

 $500 NZD

3D printed in a nylon polyamide, dyed in a bright rich colour and Ta-Moko hand detailed in ink. The Smart Tiki are embedded with a programable NFC chip to hold digital memory. The Tiki is strong, flexible, and pre-programmed to interact with NFC enabled devices.

Using your NFC enabled smartphone and the right app, you can program the Tiki to send functions and tasks to other NFC enabled phones and devices. You could program it to share your personal contact details like a digital business card, open your webpage sharing your whakapapa or treasured information, and even embed your digital payment information for crypto-currencies. 

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