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Puketawhero Park

~ Public Art Commission, Rotorua Lakes Council

Maori Graphic Mural in a Rotorua Sports Complex
Sparkle on the lakes


The foundation of the image is the graphic designs making up the layers of history and depicting a transition through time, building the physical and meta-physical landscape that is Rotorua, with the koru designs representing the continuity of life rolling, undulating, and layering beneath us as it unfolds.

Amongst the landscape we find the inhabitants of the community, from young to old, all walks of life, they come together here to live, full of energy, in the now, their dynamic movements challenging themselves and each other.

Behind our people we see the spirits of our world representing the Taniwha in us all, the dragon that gives us the energy to pursue our dreams and push our aspirations towards the possibilities of future.

Finally in the top of the image are the sky elements. These interlocking parts representing a spiritual connectivity across space, a shimmer and shine that connects us in our common ground. Puketawhero Park, Rotorua.

Sparkle on the Lakes

Digital Mural 2016

Puketawhero Park

482 Te Ngae Rd,
New Zealand

Vibrant artwork installed in Rotorua park, Various Publishers - 23 March 2016

Rotorua Lakes Council          NZ Herald, Rotorua Daily Post          Scoop

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