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Fashion FWD: Otago Museum
~ 2021

Fashion FWD: Otago Museum

An exhibition of pivotal fashion and design from New Zealand

March 2021 to October 2021

In 2020 the Otago Museum purchased a set of my NFC Smart Tiki's to hold in perpetuity as a part of their Toi Maori collection. The curators believe that my work demonstrated a pivotal expression in the evolution of Maori Art and design, and exhibits a new way of seeing Taonga and Whakapapa.


Later, in 2021, the Museum put together an exhibition called Fashion FWD >> Disruption through design. The exhibition explores innovative and disruptive fashion and design products produced by New Zealand's creative industry over the last 200 years, and my work has been included in this collection.

The Otago Museum still holds my work as a part of their Toi Maori Collection and you can visit them in Dunedin anytime.



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