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Joe Te Wharau has a passion for exploring future tech and cultural intrigue through contemporary creative projects. By deploying a unique blend of artistic vision with technical ingenuity, Joe aims to inspire others towards embracing new creative technologies and to promote new directions for cultural expression and development, pushing the boundaries of accepted norms, and helping grow creative cultures into a diverse and rich future. 


With strong connections to Hāuraki in New Zealand, and as a crossed Celtic - Ngati Maru descendant, Joe often draws on his tribal background for inspiration in his work, and with a particular fascination for ancient myths and legends, and an understanding for the connection of indigenous cultures with the land and environment, Joe strives to create valuable pieces to be treasured with his work balancing the bespoke craftsmanship of an indigenous artist and the complex, technical precision of an engineer.

Armed with a curious mind and an adventurous spirit, Joe draws his creative energy from exploring wild landscapes, alien environments, and experiencing diverse indigenous cultures. With no place he won’t go, his travels have taken him from all corners of Aotearoa to the sprawling metropolitan centres of China, the remote jungle islands and reefs of the Pacific to the sweltering expansive wilderness of the Australian outback.

As a digital native, laptop or smartphone in hand, Joe seeks to harness digital technologies and virtual resources from anywhere throughout the world, he lives to fulfil both his love for adventure and his obsession for pushing the limits for human imagination, creativity, and technological advancement.

You might spot him far away immersed in a wild landscape and exploring the foreign reaches of our world, or you may find him plugged-in to the digital realm, dreaming up new possibilities and future pathways. But you can always reach him here by Sending a Message or connecting via FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.


Awards & Endorsements

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