Designer - Artist

Joseph Te Wharau Moore McEnteer, of Maori and Celtic descent with whakapapa to Ngati Maru, Ngaati Whanaunga, and Ngati Tamatera of Hauraki.

An established Designer and Artist, his creative work is published in international media, cited in education, and held in the Otago Museum. His work balances the bespoke craftsmanship of an indigenous artist with the complex, technical precision of an engineer.

Practicing digital arts and design, he is passionate about exploring future tech, indigenous art forms, and unique creative expressions. Throughout his work, Josephs focus is around using virtual resources and digital technology and as a creative medium and tools to inspire cultural change.

By deploying a unique blend of artistic vision with technical ingenuity and innovation, he aims to push the limits of human imagination, creativity, and technological advancement while inspiring others to embrace new creative technologies and promote alternative mediums for cultural expression and creativity.

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