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~ Creative Mentoring, Guidance, and Private Tutorials

Through a mixture of creative and spiritual practices, I offer 1 on 1 video call mentoring, guidance, and private tutorials to help you connect with your creative spirit and develop your creative skills and projects. 

Together we can discover your natural talents and creative wairua (spiritual energy). We can enhance your skills and techniques, explore your creative ideas, discuss and examine your work, or develop your project towards your goals. I can help push you towards your goals or grow your skills, explore other perspectives, unlock your creative spirit and expand your creative horizons.

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 $55/hr NZD 

Discounted packages for 3 hours or more

For beginners, budding creatives, and people wishing to connect with their own creative spirit or the design.

Ages 16 and up.

Sessions from 1 to 3 hours.

Mediums: Hand Drawing. Sketching with Ink and Pencils. Workshop Skills & Craft. Carving Wood & Stone. Spiritual Growth & Development through Creativity.


CAD: Sketchup, Solidworks, Vector Graphics (Adobe Illustrator), Image Manipulation (Photoshop). 3D Printing, Laser Cutting.

Sectors: Visual & Sculptural Art. Physical Product Design. Concept Drawing, Development, and Manufacturing. Human Orientated Design. Spiritual Growth.

CHRIS - Tech Mentorship

An amazingly talented and patient teacher who can walk you through every step of the process and the fundamental concepts, even for an old technophobe like me at 63.

NADIA - Creative Guidance

Joe has a lovely patient way of teaching and mentoring. He has a lot of experience, helps you put ideas together, has lots of passion for all types of art, encourages different ways of thinking and doing things, and developing the natural Artist we all have within .

SUSAN - Creative Practices

It was such a great experience working with Joe who helped me find a way to realise my ideas. He is a patient and thoughtful teacher, who can definitely come up with some innovative approaches to problem solving.

About Me

Creating and sharing works to advance the world for the better.

To promote freedom and growth through creativity, imagination, and personal development.

About Me

I'm absolutely passionate about Art, Design, Creative Practices, and the spiritual growth and connection we can develop when we engage with Art and Design. I believe that everyone has a creative spirit and that great purpose and connection can be found in creating things when we tap into this expressive part of ourselves.

I've been creating art and designing things for my whole life. My work has been featured in international magazines, cited in educational journals, and is currently held in Museums. I've studied Product Design, Landscape Architecture, and Mechanical Engineering, won awards for my work, and worked in the creative industry all my life leading design teams and running my own creative businesses.




Can you help complete my project for me?

Yes, please contact me for my contracting rates and services.


What can I expect in a session?

We'll have a brief introduction (allow 5-10 min). We'll do your session (1-3 hrs). We'll end with a short debrief (allow 5-10 min). Together, we'll go over the skills, discussion, or development that you wish to focus on, and I'll guide you through the process.


What can I do to prepare for a session?

Come with an open mind. Avoid distractions. Have your tools, medium and space ready.

Be clear on what you would like to accomplish and willing to communicate this.

Allow extra time for going overtime or for you to explore further.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. There are no silly questions.


What kind of Video Calling app do you use?

I prefer to use Zoom, but we could use Skype, Whatsapp, or Teams if you prefer.


What software and technology do you use?

PC & Windows. Android.

Sketchup, Solidworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Photon Resin 3D printer, Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Teams, Trello, Mindomo, Office 365.

If you have specific software or tech you use, just ask me about it.


What software and technology don't you use... yet?

Apple Products.

AutoCAD & AutoDesk. Fusion360. Solid Edge. Blender. Maya. Rhino. 3DS Max. Catia. 4D_Additive. Creo. OpenSCAD. Siemens NX. OnShape. Affinity. Procreate. Canva. CorelDRAW. Pixlr...

If you have specific software or tech you use, just ask me about it.


What non-digital skills can you teach?

Concept Drawing & Development. Drawing with Ink & Pencil. Colored Pencils. Working with Color. Sculptural Work. Craft. Workshop Skills. Carving in Wood & Stone. Hand Sanding, Polishing & Finishing. Working with Resin.

If you have specific skill you want to work with, just ask me about it.


Help! I'm stuck! I need help ASAP! How fast can we do a session?

Generally speaking, I can offer help within a few hours to a day. I'll do my best to make time.

If you're stuck and really need help, just reach out and send me message.


I noticed you talk a little about Spiritual practices, can you explain a little more?

I believe that creative practices can be a highly spiritual process. I don't subscribe to any set religion yet, but I do believe in spiritual energy and experiences, so I bring with me spiritual guidance and development through creativity, art, and design.


Are my ideas safe?

Yes. Absolutely.

As a designer, artist, and guidance worker who is passionate about creativity, your privacy and respect towards your ideas is absolutely paramount. The time we spend together is private, it's our safe creative space where you are free to explore and express your creative ideas.


My question isn't listed here.

Please ask me.

There are no silly questions. Never be afraid to ask a question. Never be afraid to make a mistake. Some of our best work is created when we ask questions and explore.

If confidence is something you're working on, let me know and we'll work on that together.

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