~ Treasure

Commissioned Metal Taonga

Individually engineered just for you

 $3,500 NZD

<100 x <50 x <20 mm

Made to order in 6-8 weeks

CAD Engineered, 3D Printed and Cast in precious or semi-precious metals.

Finished and bound by hand.

Elegant and powerful Taonga specifically engineered just for you, based on your whakapapa.

Using the pinnacles of digital engineering technology, your heirloom piece will represent the information age and talk about your time in this realm for generations to come. It will be unique to you, out survive your mokopuna and can mark your mahi in the world by embodying an imprint of your legacy.

Your unique piece is developed just for you and we will be in contact to go through the creative process together, please allow ample time for the design of your piece to manifest and for me to produce your special Taonga.


My custom made Taonga start at $3,500 NZD and covers designs using semi-precious and plated metals. Please speak to me about designs that use precious metals such as Gold and Platinum in solid form, and allow for a higher budget.

18k Gold
18k Gold

Polished Copper
Polished Copper

Bronze on Stainless Steel
Bronze on Stainless Steel

18k Gold
18k Gold



NFC Smart Tiki

3D Printed Hei Tiki with digital memory

94 x 45 x 10 mm

Available now

 $500 NZD

3D printed in a nylon polyamide, dyed in a bright rich colour and Ta-Moko hand detailed in ink. The Smart Tiki are embedded with a programable NFC chip to hold digital memory. The Tiki is strong, flexible, and pre-programmed to interact with NFC enabled devices.

Using your NFC enabled smartphone and the right app, you can program the Tiki to send functions and tasks to other NFC enabled phones and devices. You could program it to share your personal contact details like a digital business card, open your webpage sharing your whakapapa or treasured information, and even embed your digital payment information for crypto-currencies.