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Taiwhenua Tirohanga / Internal Sight – Toki 3

3D Printed in Copper and Aged

92 x 28 x 10 mm
Adjustable braided cord

Made to order within 4-6 weeks


This precious Toanga speaks of the special tools and creative technologies emerging today. Beautiful, unique and elegant in design its ready for a life with someone special and is built to survive the ages.


As part of the Matihiko Taonga collection, the Toki form was chosen to communicate the creative opportunities and new pathways available to us using CAD and 3D printing as modern tools in a digital age. Bringing with it the whakapapa of innovation and creativity, this piece is created as a contemporary heirloom representing this point in our history and designed to last long into the future.


The Toki form is derived from the adze or axe head, a tool that was pivotal in the development of early Maori culture. It provided the foundation for all tools that were used to carve and reveal new forms, structures, and creations, from Waka to Whare, the Toki was the key to developing new technologies, moving a people and the culture into the future.

Taiwhenua Tirohanga Toki in Aged Copper

  • If you’re looking for that truly unique piece, please use the contact page to request your individual custom-made piece.


    Precious Metals Available:

    • Brass
    • Coper
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • 14k Gold
    • 14k Rose Gold
    • 14k White Gold
    • 18k Gold
    • Platinum
  • Although every effort has been made to provide a clear and accurate representation of each piece, the real piece you receive may appear slightly different from the photograph. This is because different screens and devices display images and colour differently.