Drone Services

Aerial Mapping & Surveys

Create maps and surveys using the most current up to date data, acquired when you need it. Capture the dynamic and changing states of a landscape, vegetation, and geology using measurable Photo-Orthographic Maps, Elevation Models, NDVI Vegetation Analysis, and 3D Point Cloud Models.

Asset Inspection

Capture detailed photos and video, or view a live stream inspecting large or inaccessible assets without expensive personal and equipment costs. View assets from a variety of perspectives from big picture viewpoints to highly detailed examinations, access hard to reach or hazardous areas with ease, speed, and minimal risk.

Remote Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Scout and survey remote or inaccessible areas from great distance allowing massive ground cover with minimal travel and expense. From broad area sweeps at height to detailed examination up close, monitor and track targets safely and capture crucial photos, video and data pertaining to the operation.

Search and Locate

Locate points of interest and visually search large areas, treacherous terrain or inaccessible places quickly, safely, and immediately have a digital record of the data that's easily accessible for review.

Stunning Photography & Video Production

Capture amazing photos and stunning video and have the footage compiled into professional presentation videos or interactive galleries showcasing your assets or telling your story - Ideal for fund raising campaigns, shareholders, or annual reports.

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